Markup Services

  • Content Metadata
  • For better processing, content requires markup information describing the nature and structure of the information. This metadata information allows applications to better understand and manage the content.

  • Markup
  • Typically with XML dialects, markup information is added to content, using domain expertise and automation. Marked-up content can than be streamed through transformation pipelines as required.

  • Navigation
  • Content management transformation pipelines like 01 COMMUNICATIONS' DNAOS technology, integrate and publish rich-content, navigation, and applications, generating indexes, menus, table of content, site maps, id-maps and other reference tools.

  • Integration
  • Content markup also provides support for multimedia asset (ex: pictures, sound, animation) integration into compound and often interactive documents for electronic and print publishing. Markup is also used to build page layouts, independently of their effective content. Stylesheets are applied to the markup information to set its Look & Feel. Integration also involves tests, analysis, and review.