Telepath Media Catalog

The TelepathMedia audio catalog fills from various sources including:

  • TelepathMedia productions
  • Editions Consonance's catalog and publications
  • mnPublications' catalog and publications
  • Collaborating composers and arrangers
  • Public Domain

Items in the catalog are given a basic classification based on theme, subject, or issue. They are also available by source, and in ascending or descending alphanumeric order. A full text search for keywords is also available.

Many items in the catalog are freely available, by a simple click of the mouse. Others require membership access. For these, a sample may also be freely available. Also, for these items or pages that require membership access, if that access has not been cleared already with the application, the application offers the alternative of presenting new identifications to obtain access, or to register for enhanced membership, supporting the required access. Many catalog items are also available from specific sites on, under the same access control.

Telepath Media Audio Catalog