TelepathMedia/Stream/Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds

While the virtual reality infrastructure, provides an increased communication channel with users, and the richest Human/Machine interface, short of direct brain/computer interfaces, virtual worlds are application contexts that provides resources and relations for Virtual World applications.

  • Purpose
  • While Virtual World Application purposes can cover a wide range, typically, collaboration best provides productivity increases (ROI) to justify the cost and effort required to implement and support virtual worlds. In any case, virtual worlds are typically designed for knowledge sharing (a collaboration requirement) and knowledge development.

  • Management
  • Like all applications, virtual world applications typically have important knowledge management requirements, including knowledge classification and entitlement.

  • Metaphor
  • Metaphors define and integrate application interface resources and, as such, are often a determining factor of the application success. Metaphors can also provide a referencing framework for shared knowledge.

  • Interface
  • Virtual worlds typically materialize through the interactive virtual reality infrastructure.
  • Virtual World Development Process