Graphic Design

  • Media
  • Imaging and graphic design are fundamental components of most documents, including for print, web, and animation. From sketches and storyboards to web-delivered streaming video, animation and compositing feed on graphical designs. Web sites also endlessly consume graphical designs in all forms and the same is true for print. Print is used for printing on media like paper, of course, but also for on-line viewing, like with PDF documents.

  • Design
  • From requirements and context, with inspiration and ideas, design develops container and packaging for content.

  • Imaging
  • A specialized branch of graphical design, imaging, Image compositing and processing require especially advanced expertise and tools, for professional results and documents.

  • Publishing
  • Prepared in the design and development phases, publishing really starts with component mastering, integration, and packaging, to prepare for replication, marketing, distribution, and sales.

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