TelepathMedia/Stream/Knowledge Management

Sharing Management

  • Management
  • Knowledge sharing virtual worlds require managing the shared content. The content not only requires management for storage and publishing in different forms and repositories, for communication, for referencing and for analysis, but it also requires entitlement and classification.

  • Classification
  • All components and resources each have sources, type, content, as well as relations and references. Identification and classification enable and structure these resources, as well as their their embedded knowledge, providing a base for rich access and reference.

  • Referencing
  • Knowledge sharing virtual worlds require more than just an encyclopedic or alphabetic ordering. Metaphors can provide rich referencing models that integrate and structure the user experience, as well as its usefulness and effectiveness.

  • Entitlement
  • Building on classification, content entitlement is a fundamental component of knowledge sharing virtual worlds, ensuring that each user always has access to all the content that each is entitled to, in any given context, and that this content access can be tracked.

  • Standards
  • A sharing prerequisite, compatibility is also a fundamental component of knowledge sharing virtual worlds. Compatibility is required at the system, platform, and formats levels, as well as for the entitlement information. To ensure that content and resource entitlement is compatible between systems, entitlement standards are required. These standards will also enable the medical patient virtual profile, as well as collaboration, new types of applications, and improved productivity. Entitlement standardization efforts have starting and, as everyone is affected by the information sharing crisis, each should get involved, at least by supporting the on-line petition for international entitlement standards.

  • Fundamental content entitlement service layer for distributed sharing and collaboration applications, a platform designed to support knowledge sharing virtual worlds, DNAOS solutions provide integrating application environments with virtual profile support, as well as rich streaming content ...

    • Integration with Distributed and Parallel sources
    • Entitlement and Tracking
    • Transformation and Modeling
    • Identification, Classification, and Indexing
    • Sharing & Collaboration
    Knowledge Management