Content Development

  • Authoring
  • The authoring team develops documents and content, with scenario, text, graphics, and navigation, for web, wireless, and print. While most content is currently developed in English and then possibly adapted to other languages including French, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Creole, and Simplified Chinese.

  • Documents
  • Although the is the main destination for documents, we develop a wide range of print, streaming, and interactive documents. Thes documents can vary in size and format, ranging from simple emails, letters, or business cards, to newsletters, blogs, scientific and technical reference documents, and to interactive, transactional, ever evolving content web sites and portals. Many documents are adapted for various publishing media. To everything that printed or static documents require, interactive documents add additional considerations about structure, work flow, security, formats/standards, performance, lifecycle (ex: availability, scalability), etc. This is of course justified by their depth and reach.

  • Scenario
  • All documents are built on a plan and scenario, the document's back-bone. We work hard to iron out all potential issues through the planning and scenario construction phase, and more so with more elaborate documents. The document scenario is key, as it defines requirements and often also the foundation for the user experience, customer and product support, as well as marketing.

  • Metaphors
  • Virtual worlds, especially in knowledge sharing applications often require rich metaphors to allow consistent mapping of abstract concepts to a useful physical representation, as well as to ensure interface coherence through the potential scenarios. Through the years, we have developed and continue to develop powerful knowledge sharing metaphors.

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